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Sunday, 19 June 2011


Sometimes in amongst life's battles one just has to "hook out" and go someplace no one will find you.
Well Dave, Rich and myself went "Nowhere" this last weekend and it was awesome!
I haven't had as good a time in a VERY long time. we could just "hak-uit" and have a real guys weekend... "Vluis en aartappels" each night with FULL English breakfasts cooked on the gas braai each morning. It was EVERYTHING the dr. ordered and then some.

They say a picture speaks more than a thousand words so here's my Photo-Essay of our week-ends endeavors. (The contact details for Beaverlac are at the bottom of the entry)
Between here and nowhere

A view from nowhere

Impressive clouds

Our first swemgat

Rich the brave


It Starts

Not for the faint hearted

mmm... I'm sure I can see the future if I look hard enough.

Sky Captain and the world of tomorrow

Is this a scene from Star Wars?

Ride 'em Cowboy


Life Sucks

Bear Essentials

Or was that beer essentials?

Our House????

The View

The Life

It doesn't get better

This garlic's gonna get it!!



Die Manne

Contemplating 42

The Pipe


Our Camp

Coffee in a sock (moerkoffie)

Dave feeding the Fish

Jim Beam Moerkoffie

King of the castle

The house pictured above was damaged by a flood and was not our official cabin. That was a little back into the bush but we chose to spend the evening on the river due to the amazing weather we were experiencing.
Beaverlac offers furnished self catering cabins at VERY reasonable prices and also has camping facilities.

It really is ideal for those truly wanting to get away from it all.
Visit their website at: for more info.
A word of advice, Beaverlac is not designed for sports cars. SUV's and cars with ample clearance is recommended.

See you on the road ;-)

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