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Monday, 11 May 2015

Bistrot Boer'geoisie

Having been around since 2006 Bistrot Boer'giousie has certainly made a name for itself in the hearts of most Pretorianites (if that is even a word?) that we have come into contact with and so wanting a different experience for this mother's day, we opted for this restaurant we had heard so much about via the Pta bush telegraph of friends and family.

It being mother's day and all we were greeted to a bustling atmosphere of families as they all celebrated that one person in their lives they called mom.

At the reception we were given a complimentary sherry while we waited for our table to be cleaned and prepped. Granted, taking into consideration the volume of people at the place on the day and the amount of waiting staff it wasn't too long before were were comfortably seated in a nice little corner table were we waited for our menu's... and waited... and waited.. and, well, you get the message. ;-)

OK we were tucked away behind a corner, so I'll grant them the benefit of the doubt and say that they were just making sure our hunger pangs were at the right level to really really appreciate the food for which we were so eager to sink our teeth into and boy did they not disappoint!!

Our Waitress Dené was an absolute star and between the 3 of us we ordered an Oxtail Poitjie, A Venison Pie, an Oxtail Soup and a Chicken Schnitzel off their light-lunch menu. It was fantastic.

Penny, The head chef, who very animatedly told us that although she was not a mother, this place was her baby, said she practically lived there. We could clearly see the passion she put into her work not only in the way she presented her food but also in the way she got involved with the patrons. Taking pictures for them with their cameras, laughing and joking with the tables as she mixed with her clients. It truly was something to behold.
Everything from the atmosphere of the restaurant to the presentation and taste of the dishes (even the coupled Shiraz with the Oxtail and venison) worked wonderfully.

The decoration of the place is something to behold as owners Frikkie and Rikkie Marais have collected a wonderful ensemble of quirky and interesting South African memorabilia.

Do I recommend it: Definitely!!

For more info head on over to their website here:

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