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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Mc Velly's Kitchen - Soshenguve

Hidden in block AA of Soshonguve is an amazing little "kitchen" called Mc Velly's Kitchen.
For anyone wanting to try out the best Kota in town, and by town I mean Tshwane, according to the locals then you need to head on to this very local, very lekker joint.
When there order yourself on of the many Kotas on sale or if you prefer something a little more traditional, there are dagwoods available too.

For those of you who do not know what a Kota is, it's basically a quarter loaf of bread filled with a variety of available fillings then covered in a generous layer of "slap chips".
To find out more call Velly on 079 114 4370
It'll be worth the trip :-)

Monday, 5 August 2013

Huckleberry's - Magnolia Dell Pretoria

You ever have those moments when you head on back to a place you used to visit as a kid, and when u get there you cannot remember how it was because everything's changed?

Well I had a similar experience tonight when we visited Huckleberry's in Magnolia Dell in Pretoria. I couldn't remember it because now it was soooo much better than I remember it.
We were pleasantly surprised by, not only the extremely friendly staff and cozy atmosphere (with fireplace to boot), but also the high quality of food that came at amazingly affordable prices. (I would use the word cheap,  but I don't want to reduce the experience). In fact my words to Heidi, my partner, were, "... I think I prefer this place to Moyo".
That said, I suppose it is unfair to compare the two :-)

Malin, our friend from Sweden, said her schwarma reminded her of the best one she'd ever had in Istanbul.

So if you enjoy a good, value for money out, romantically or with the family (there's plenty of lawn for the kids to go exercise out all that energy they seem to carry about with them), then Huckelberry's is the place to go!

You can contact them here:

Tel no: 012 346 4588
Mobile no: 083 268 6862

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

The Wild Fig Tree - Sabie

16 years!

That's how long The Wild Fig Tree has been around....
And for anyone in the industry, that says a LOT!

Specializing in "wild" cuisine, they serve the likes of Crocodile curry, which, according to Mikko, a friend from Finland, "was done very well", Springbok poitjie, Warthog carpaccio, ostrich fillet as well as the usual dishes for the not so adventurous :-)

There's also a little shop to brows around as well as an internet cafe for those wanting to catch up on their correspondence.

A very pleasant outing all around.

(Oh! And for those with little ones... we were even given a baby high chair)

You can contact them here:

Address: Corner of Main Road and Louis Trichardt Street, Sabie, Mpumalanga.
Telephone: +27 (0)13 764-2239

Monday, 29 July 2013

The Pilgrims Pantry (The house of Mama van Wyk) - Pilgrims Rest

Established in 1873 with the discovery of gold in the then known Peachtree river (now Pilgrims spruit) Pilgrims Rest has been a prime destination for all those interested in all things historical.

Buried in this rich town's downtown area is a quaint little coffee shop known as The Pilgrims Pantry.
Run by "mama van Wyk" it's the perfect stopover to fill that little gap in your tummy, and of course as most PR shops its filled with all sorts of interesting goodies to take home with you.

I haven't been to Pilgrims Rest for some time now, and the last time i was there i was extremely disappointed. The vendors on the street had taken to selling "traffic light trash" (all you need is a drive through Johannesburg to know what I mean). But it would appear that someone has decided to take thisnhistorical little town seriously and it would appear that they are on the road to restoring its former charm and street appeal.

For more info on this little town head on over to:

Pilgrim's Rest
013 768 1060

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Harry's Pancakes - Graskop

They make great pancakes.... what else needs to be said?


contact them on +27 013 767 1273


...and yes, theyre in Pretoria too 
012 342 3613

Saturday, 27 July 2013

STOEP CAFE - Komatiepoort

(Ok here goes.... am entering the "blog-on-the-go" world :-))

Set neatly in the corner to the borders of both Mozambique as well as the #KrugerNationalPark Komatiepoort remains a sensible place to spend an overnighter before heading in whichever wild destination you choose.

After spending the night at one of the many B&Bs in and around the Town we would recommend not stopping at one of the commercial joints, but rather stop in at the very South African, very local,  Stoep Cafe.

This quaint little place's menu sports everything from light health breakfasts to a fully fledged Portuguese steak or prego roll.

I chose the Onderberg Breakfast with an extra cheese sausage and was pleasantly surprised by the size and quality....

All in all a pleasant stop over and worth the visit :-)

You can contact them on 013 793 7850 or 083 457 3909
or email Elmarie

Friday, 11 January 2013

Dixies Restaurant - Simon's Town


Argaubly one of the Deep South's stalwarts in the restaurant arena, Dixies Restaurant, just outside of Simaon's Town in the suburb of Glencairn is definately worth the visit when in the area.
I don't think I've ever been there on a quiet night. What I'm saying is, it's popular... Why?
They make great food. ;-)

While my kids, Heidi and I go there for their very well known (and well made) Pizzas, the rest of their menu is just as great. All the way from their breakfasts to their seafood selection I have yet to hear of someone leaving there dissapointed.

Although not the cheapest in the area, they do offer a view of the bay to die for and their waitrons are especially friendly and efficient.

Did we enjoy the experience?
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Would I recommend it to my friends?

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For bookings, please call them on: (021) 786-2105 or (021) 786-3309
or you can find them here:
134 Main Road, Glencairn, 7975
Remember to mention that you read about them here @sareviews ;-) 

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