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Monday, 10 November 2014

Dulini Private Game Reserve - Sabi Sands

They say “The devil’s in the details” but I’d like to change that old saying because at Dulini Game Lodge “The DELIGHT is in the details”

I have reviewed a couple of game lodges in my time and have never been as blown away by the incredible attention these people pay to every detail of your stay than here.
From the warmest greetings of the staff and fellow lodgers (who’ve clearly been influenced by the ethos of the place) to the bubble bath that was poured for us by our butler, Maurice, we were truly astounded at the professionalism and sincerity of the staff.

Most 5 star establishments, although extremely slick and well run lack what I like to term “that personal touch”. Not so at Dulini.
Iain and Sue Garrett, our hosts, were there to make sure our stay was top notch, and their treatment of every staff member of utmost respect rubs off onto all the patrons who visit there.

Not only were we spoiled to two Game Drives a day with the most incredible sightings of Leopard, Lion, Rhino, Elephant, Wild Dog… the list goes on and on, each sighting holding its own unique story (ask me about the Hippo ;-)), but we were also pampered with the most delicious meals the bush has to offer (Thanks to our superbly talented chef Jess)

And it would be remiss of me not to mention the one person overlooking the entire experience, always there with a smile and a warm face-cloth at the end of the drives. Poppy.

Thanks again to everyone for an experience of a lifetime.

Where is it? Deep in the heart of the Sabi Sands Game reserve boarding the Kruger National Park.

Find out all you need to know here:

See you on the road…

Friday, 3 October 2014

The Laughing Chefs

Tucked away at 217 Soutpansberg Rd in Rietondale, Pretoria, is a little paradise created by a mother and daughter, Maggie and Esrida, who have a passion for people, food and life.

We heard about this amazing place from several friends and acquaintances and with our curiosity peeked we headed off to find "this lovely restaurant" somewhere in Rietondale.

After having failed to find it the first time (Thinking that the name "Laughing Chefs" was a training academy) we were pleasantly rewarded when our persistence paid off. ;-)

The eclectic and romantic environment, created with the help of lush foliage and an integrated art gallery, compliments the food perfectly.
Having a choice of tapas or a full meal, we decided to go the tapas rout.

The snails (done in a blue cheese sauce) were incredible and have dethroned Huckelberry's as my new favorite.

The rest of the tapas were of top quality, lovingly crafted by our chef, Patrice, who even came out to say hi and do a little "modest" bragging about how he personally created these dishes.

Laughing Chefs also hosts numerous live celebrity music performances and has a diary packed with great entertainment. To find more about these we were told to either give them our email address or head on over to their Facebook page and press that persistent little "like" button.

A VERY romantic getaway as well as a splendid place to sit back relax and enjoy good food, good music and (I have a feeling if you visit there often enough) new good friends.

Detractors? The background music they played didn't quite fit the ambiance and the smoking section is right at the front door, so patrons have to walk past that to get inside (although smokers are generally very pleasant people so maybe that's not such a bad thing)

Other than that a DEFINITE thumbs up.

Find them here:
For bookings call: (012) 329 6950

Mayfly - Dullstroom

Dullstroom.... The land of Fly Fishing.
Everything about the area screams.... FLY FISHING AREA.... and if you love fly fishing, then this is the town to come to.

That said, I don't fly fish. Tried once in Atlanta USA with a good friend of the family and .... well.... I didn't catch anything. (If you know what I mean) but the boat... now that was something else.... I digress.
Never having fly fished seriously, I had no idea what a Mayfly was but was quite sure it had something to do with fly fishing seeing that we were in Dullstroom and all.

While perusing the menu in pursuit of the perfect spot to satiate our ravenous hunger, built up from an exhausting day of sign making, the owner walked up to us and guaranteed - in a very humble manner I might add - that this restaurant was the best in town. Well, after going and having a look at the other menus nearby we found ourselves once again at the Mayfly's door.

Owned by Garath, the Mayfly, we were told, was run from out of town for about 4yrs, surviving on basically weekend trade, before moving into town and has now been in existence for more than 9 years.
Well, I could quite see that over those years Gareth and his staff have not lost the passion for the hospitality trade they have forged a life for themselves from. The service was exceptional (and I don't say that lightly). - I accidentally let my knife fall to the floor and before I could say "Trout Fishing" I had a new set placed before me with a flourish.

The Menu had everything from Burgers, Pastas to Oxtail (The specialty of the night)
The Oxtail, recommended to me by Gareth, was done to mouth watering perfection and complimented with sauteed potatoes and typical mashed veggies. (Spinach and Pumpkin)

Dirk, who had the Pesto Pasta (A fetochini, bacon, chili and rosa tomato mix) said that it was EXACTLY as he imagined it should have been. (Which is a very high compliment to any chef)

Well done to the staff and Gareth for a very pleasant night out.

Not really a child friendly place. But please if you have a gap and you're n the area, if you miss out on anything do not let it be the Mayfly.

Women's day breakfast at Food Lovers Market

The bear went over the mountain and what he found was the Zambezi Food Lovers Market.
And there he came across the Market Café where he decided to try out their R55 breakfast buffet.

Very nice food on the whole, but being a Food Lover's Market, it was disappointing that their tomato sauce was not All Gold. ;-)

Other than that, a really pleasant morning out.
And if the mood grabs you, the market itself is chock-a-block full of really good food and some awesome deals.

You can find them just off Zambizi drive. (1121 Breed St, Pretoria, Gauteng)

Thursday, 7 August 2014

The Baths - Citrusdal

Nestled in a quaint ravine and hardly touched in over 10 years, the baths just outside of Citrusdal are to a stressed family what a back rub is to Balloo from the Jungle Book.

Only a short 2 hour drive from Cape Town these healing warm baths are just what the doctor ordered to relieve that post recession tension ;-) You can either camp or make use of the fully kitted chalets there. We booked into a chalet and were very pleasantly surprised. They are comfortable with everything a family of 4 needs, bedding included. The only thing that’s a must on a get away like this is PLENTY of towels.
In my opinion there were not enough hooks or places to hang wet towels but that really is my only negative comment.

We arrived at just after 20:00 on Friday night passing the still occupied steaming main bath in the form of a walled swimming pool. Grabbed a quick bite for supper and then at the kids insistence headed on down to the warm pools.

It was amazing! Resting your chin just above water level watching the steam rise into the night air, somehow carrying your troubles with it, immediately creates a sense of well being. The kids just love the fact that they can play and jump and were tired out quite well by the time we headed on back to the chalet and bed.

For more information head on over to their website:

Thursday, 20 March 2014


I have just been blown away!
It is very seldom that I have a meal that utterly thrills my senses.
Hidden away in a public rose garden, wedged between Fransis Bard and Pretorious streets on Eastwood street is the quaintest little "tea garden" I've ever had the priviledge of experiencing.
The phrase "Damn! That was good." was heard a number of times :-)
All I can say is... Go and try it. U won't regret it. And if u have kids, there's a great playground there too.
To make a booking call them on 082 641 2054
U can find them on
Sorry, The burger was just tooo delicious to let it sit on the plate while I took pictures ;-)

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Wagendrift Lodge - Lainsburg

Sitting here on the stoep of "nguni" cabin surrounded by some really impressive rock formations, overlooking the well trimmed garden enhanced by a well made rockery and listening to the nearby water feature, I now realise that this is an ideal location to get away from it all.

With No cellphone reception and plenty to keep the kids busy, including interacting with the local goat herd, this is the perfect stop over on your way down to the Cape or to just "hak uit" (let loose).

Offering a world class 4x4 route through the Anysberg Mountain range on the farm, as well as Mountain Bike and Hiking trails this place definitely left us wanting to come back for more.

We were only privileged enough for a night's stay over, and that was more than enough to rest our travel weary bodies and refresh our souls.

With a lodge, garden cottages and campsites (all self catering) this farm sure has a lot to offer.
The garden cottages were neatly kept and I could see that they have paid attention to detail.


  • If you're intending to stay a couple of days, think about taking your own wood, as they do supply but it's a little on the expensive side in my opinion (R30 a bag)
  • If you're squeamish of animal trophies hanging from the walls then maybe go camping


All-in-all a very pleasant stay.

For More info and to see what they have to say about themselves visit their website:

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