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Friday, 3 October 2014

The Laughing Chefs

Tucked away at 217 Soutpansberg Rd in Rietondale, Pretoria, is a little paradise created by a mother and daughter, Maggie and Esrida, who have a passion for people, food and life.

We heard about this amazing place from several friends and acquaintances and with our curiosity peeked we headed off to find "this lovely restaurant" somewhere in Rietondale.

After having failed to find it the first time (Thinking that the name "Laughing Chefs" was a training academy) we were pleasantly rewarded when our persistence paid off. ;-)

The eclectic and romantic environment, created with the help of lush foliage and an integrated art gallery, compliments the food perfectly.
Having a choice of tapas or a full meal, we decided to go the tapas rout.

The snails (done in a blue cheese sauce) were incredible and have dethroned Huckelberry's as my new favorite.

The rest of the tapas were of top quality, lovingly crafted by our chef, Patrice, who even came out to say hi and do a little "modest" bragging about how he personally created these dishes.

Laughing Chefs also hosts numerous live celebrity music performances and has a diary packed with great entertainment. To find more about these we were told to either give them our email address or head on over to their Facebook page and press that persistent little "like" button.

A VERY romantic getaway as well as a splendid place to sit back relax and enjoy good food, good music and (I have a feeling if you visit there often enough) new good friends.

Detractors? The background music they played didn't quite fit the ambiance and the smoking section is right at the front door, so patrons have to walk past that to get inside (although smokers are generally very pleasant people so maybe that's not such a bad thing)

Other than that a DEFINITE thumbs up.

Find them here:
For bookings call: (012) 329 6950

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