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Saturday, 18 February 2012

Tietiesbaai - Saldana

There we were, vehicle packed to the hilt, three intrepid, adventurous men seeking the thrill of the great out-doors. When we got THE CALL!!

Africa, a campsite at Beaverlac, the location at which we were supposed to go and do a shoot for a short film we were making (called INSIDE), had been washed out...

And so, all packed up and no where to go, we racked our brains and decided to do what anyone in our situation would... Crack open a beer!

A few phone calls later and we we back in the saddle having decided to head on up the West Coast and find ourselves a cosy campsite we could hanker down at over the long weekend.

Being men, and single, we ended up at the most obvious place we could think of; a place called Tietiesbaai. (Which translated into English means ... ummm, "small breasts bay" ;-))

So with great expectations of the manly kind we set off in search of the great tit.

All I can say is that if you ever find yourself up the West Coast looking for a place to "rough-it" then this is the place to go. The Scenery is fantastic and the facilities are more than adequate for self sufficient campers such as ourselves. The ablutions are well kept and if you get your timing right there's enough warm water for a short shower. (The water is solar heated)

We Arrived on Friday night, set up our tents and were braai'ing in no time.
There's amazing fishing spots, stunning walks and, with Padernoster just five minutes away, some great rustic dining experiences to be had too.

The weather in winter is not the most suitable for camping but does provide for some dramatic evenings of tent holding, table catching and, if your tent's not watertight, indoor showers.

All-in-all a great get away for those who truly enjoy camping in the rawest sense of the word.
Do I recommend it? DEFINITELY!
Is it for the faint hearted or more luxury biased? NO.

And, oh yes, we did eventually decide that we had indeed found the great tit of Tittiesbaai, which was a relief even though a little disappointing as we were expecting the kind of a more mammary nature ;-)

The Tit at night

The Franklin are there to make sure you don't get up to any mischief.

Night-Time Round the fireside

Our Campsite from the beach.

Dave making sure the locals don't go hungry.

My View

Our Campsite - from the Dunes

Evening prep for dinner

Contemplating life


A Zen Moment

Silhouette Sunset


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