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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Rietondale Lodge

There's nothing nicer than finding a place that not only caters to one's culinary needs but takes the whole family into consideration, from kids to sport loving partners.

Well it took me some time in the jacarander city but I believe, apart from the Spur, I eventually found just the place.

Arriving early Sunday for a bite to eat we found the waiters and manager friendly and very helpful, although we did have a bit of a toss-up regarding whether to watch the F1 or SA vs England cricket match... so we ended up doing both ;-) The lodge and the resturant, "La Cantina" both have their won channel and we could then settle for both.

There is an outside smoking section for those who would like to relax with a good ol' cigar and bourbin after a very hearty meal ;-)

We had creamy garlic snails and their mussles as starters...
The snails I was told was above average, and not having actually tasted them myself I'll have to believe Jade and Celest.
We on the other hand had the Mussles and they were absolutely superb... the closest I can come to describing them is to say they tasted like they came straight out of the sea.

I then had the Half Flat Chicken... After making doubly sure it was soft and juicy!
Well it wasn't as juicy as I'd have liked it but it did hit the spot and wasn't so dry to ruin it. I would recomend it to someone who enjoys home cooked chicken.

The Pizza's were outstanding and my compliments have to go to the chef for actually cooking them the way they were asked for. (This doesn't happen very often)

The meal was finished off with Dom Perdo's and Irish Coffee's which, with all said and done, was the perfect way to end a very pleasant Sunday afternoon lunch with friends.

Would I recomend this restaurant to my friends?
Definately. Especially if they have kids.
(For thos of you who don't have kids, there's a bar section you can sit in which is really pleasant).

Where will you find them? GPS: S 25 44' 2 " E 28 13' 27"
How can you contact them? Tel: +27 (0) 12 329-2910
Fax: +27 (0) 12 329-4609 /+27 (0) 86 299-1640

TIP: You should book if you want to be outside near the kids play area.

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