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Friday, 2 March 2012

The Glen Lodge and Backpackers - Glen Cairn, Simon's Town

Nestled at the base of "Black Hill" in Glen Cairn, The Glen Lodge (formally "The Southern Wright") is one of South Africa's oldest watering holes, and has been around since 1904. Although, with it's newly rejuvenated look and eclectic collection of 8 clean double rooms with en-suite bathrooms, nicely decorated with local artistic touches, one would never guess it was as old as they claim.
The Glen 1906

Chill Lounge
 Arriving on Saturday afternoon, we were warmly greeted by Grete and the passing staff and were ushered into our room which was well lit and pleasantly welcoming.

Room 1 offers a beautiful bay balcony where you can sit and soak up the view in private and keep the South Easter from ruining your newly done hairdo.

After settling in to our room we wanted to go out for a while and found that there is so much to do in Glen Cairn that we were spoilt for choice.

One could take a walk round the vlei, go for a swim at the beach or nearby tidal pool, or just mosey on down The Glen stretch where you will meet T-Bo from the Pizza Khaya, Willy and Hennie at the Viper Lounge (a great biker lounge) or why not pop in at the Collectibles Café - a place where I could get lost for hours just snooping. You never know what treasures lurk in the corners of shops of this  nature?

For dinner we headed on to The Bay Café where Mount Nelson trained chef, Ivan Cameron, spoilt us to a visual, and culinary, feast. Heidi had the Prawn Salad which was absolutely eye catching and didn't disappoint the pallet either, while I was recommended the Blue Cheese and Bacon Burger (A flagship dish I was assured by Vee, our waitress). How could I refuse such a sales pitch?

May I stop here and just say that I am a burger fan. I love burgers and tend to be a little picky when it comes to these "bun bracketed" delicacies. Well, I will be back for more. The buns were fresh, the patty home made and the sauce was finger lickingly fantastic.

The meal was finished off with a trio of desert, Chocolate Mouse, Creme Caramel and Milk tart which can be tempered with a nice strong cup of Double Espresso.
Prawn Salad and Dry White house wine
Blue Cheese and Bacon with the House Red. (Which is made specifically for The Bay Café: a subtle blend of Shiraz, Merlot and Cabinet)
A Trio of Desert. Tempered with a double espresso

If you're in the mood for a little late night entertainment you can head on over to The Viper Lounge where they usually have some form of live entertainment going on or there's always the nearby Simon's Town or Kalk Bay you can go and explore. Failing that, you can hang out at The Pub and play pool or retire early to your room for a romantic evening alone or have a relaxing bath in the Victorian bath (if you're lucky enough to get room number 5).

The next day we sampled the "home styled" continental breakfast Grete had prepared for us and then headed on over to The Pizza Khaya where T-Bo made us an amazing Breakfast Pizza which I was a little sceptical about until I tasted it.... It TRULY is a deliciously unique way to start a day and I highly recommend giving it a try.

T-Bo.... Now's here's a man who KNOWS how to make Pizza ;-)

After our Breakfast Pizza, served to us through the hatch that links Pizza Khaya to The Viper Lounge, and our Viper Coffee we settled down, read the morning's paper and just soaked in that truly "beach holiday" feeling.
Hennie - The Viper Loung's barman

But, as every good thing does, our short and very pleasant stay with Grete and her staff had to come to an end. And so we headed back to our room to check out and make space for the next guests fortunate enough to experience this little bit of paradise on the South Peninsula of the Mother City we call Cape Town.

If you would like to experience amazing hospitality and a huge array of relaxing things to do, give Grete a call on +27 21 782 0315 (w) / 082 7334400 (c) or email her
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