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Friday, 3 October 2014

Mayfly - Dullstroom

Dullstroom.... The land of Fly Fishing.
Everything about the area screams.... FLY FISHING AREA.... and if you love fly fishing, then this is the town to come to.

That said, I don't fly fish. Tried once in Atlanta USA with a good friend of the family and .... well.... I didn't catch anything. (If you know what I mean) but the boat... now that was something else.... I digress.
Never having fly fished seriously, I had no idea what a Mayfly was but was quite sure it had something to do with fly fishing seeing that we were in Dullstroom and all.

While perusing the menu in pursuit of the perfect spot to satiate our ravenous hunger, built up from an exhausting day of sign making, the owner walked up to us and guaranteed - in a very humble manner I might add - that this restaurant was the best in town. Well, after going and having a look at the other menus nearby we found ourselves once again at the Mayfly's door.

Owned by Garath, the Mayfly, we were told, was run from out of town for about 4yrs, surviving on basically weekend trade, before moving into town and has now been in existence for more than 9 years.
Well, I could quite see that over those years Gareth and his staff have not lost the passion for the hospitality trade they have forged a life for themselves from. The service was exceptional (and I don't say that lightly). - I accidentally let my knife fall to the floor and before I could say "Trout Fishing" I had a new set placed before me with a flourish.

The Menu had everything from Burgers, Pastas to Oxtail (The specialty of the night)
The Oxtail, recommended to me by Gareth, was done to mouth watering perfection and complimented with sauteed potatoes and typical mashed veggies. (Spinach and Pumpkin)

Dirk, who had the Pesto Pasta (A fetochini, bacon, chili and rosa tomato mix) said that it was EXACTLY as he imagined it should have been. (Which is a very high compliment to any chef)

Well done to the staff and Gareth for a very pleasant night out.

Not really a child friendly place. But please if you have a gap and you're n the area, if you miss out on anything do not let it be the Mayfly.

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